About Me

My works discuss a journey that is travelled upon an explorative path of the unconscious yet recorded by man reality, with its aim being to narrate it.  This reality, though it exists parallel to the world daily perceived by man, is concealed by the conditioning and projections of his personality.

My aim, through artistic projection and construction of sculptural environments that resemble the unconscious reality, is to help Man cross the portal that stands between these two realities and descend to this “new”, for him, realm so that when he becomes acquainted with it, he will come into contact with the innermost aspects of his existence. Also, through lifting fears he has faced and therefore comprehended, a kind of catharsis will occur and he will be able to integrate them and thus broaden and better himself.

These fears and limitations are the outcome of the entrapment the human mind undergoes in its daily, degenerated reality of the Fall, for which there is an inner need to be breached so that Man can seize his true potential. By acting this way, he can build a new and improved outer reality and a more just social structure.

This journey of interactions, considering that it is a personal experience, cannot be chronicled through conventional and therefore limited narrative techniques, as the existence of multiple different pathways renders it impossible.

By connecting with this new Idea, he is forced to forge and be forged by an ever-changing environment, to which this journey impels him. In this kind of journey, every human being needs inspirers and fellow travelers, even spiritual ones. In my case, these were Hesiod, Plato, Dante, Kazantzakis and T.S. Eliot among others.

For this perpetual change to be made understandable by the public, I employ many different materials, hoping to generate new artistic pathways. These are paper, wood, iron, nickel, wires, wire mesh, craft glue, black and white plastic, polyurethane, silicone, tar, sprays and plastic bags. My purpose in making use of materials that are, in their majority, common in daily life is to highlight how this process can be accessed by every human. Looking at these materials, one can notice that some are ephemeral and others more enduring, as a portrayal of the concurrently temporal and eternal nature of human existence.

In conclusion, I wish to note that even though generations succeed one another, this journey continues, as it is caused by a deep inner call inside each human being.

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